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Steenfabriekstraat 2

286GR Bergambacht

The Netherlands


KvK: 67885071


About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to innovate in style by creating fashion forward, modern clothing for the artists that thrive in success throughout the music industry and the fans that follow them with devotion. We are connected by the vibes that flow through all of our bodies when music is in the atmosphere, and we design clothing for men and women that captures the essence of vigor that the music industry is made of. At FULLY HYPED, we have set out to break contemporary barriers and are dedicated to revolutionizing the way that fashion exists within the music industry, for those that create the art of sound and the enthusiasts that live for it. Our brand represents an exciting and disruptive lifestyle, one fueled by a passion for the sounds that connect us all. Join us in our mission to inspire through unprecedented style and build unbreakable community bonds with clothing that represents the one thing that brings us all together: music.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a world leader in the music industry by designing and producing high quality clothing, hosting unmatched festivals and parties, and providing outstanding music label services to the masses. Our belief is that we are all mutually connected by vibes, and this drives us to grow our brand in a way that serves the music community, including talented artists, devoted fans, and dedicated producers. We are motivated by the potential of achieving greatness in an industry that has set the standard for notability since its inception. At FULLY HYPED, we are passionate doers and innovators who want to expand on the opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of sound by creating unforgettable, interactive experiences and becoming an invaluable influence in the way that music lovers consume audio and visual art. Take part in the journey with us to grow FULL HYPED into an international, world-renowned industry leader in all things related to invigorating musical vibes.